Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Crazy Busy Exciting Time...

The last few weeks have been super!!!

A couple Sundays ago I took Gator (the dog) up American Fork Canyon, it was a beautiful day, He loved every second until he got slapped for pulling me into the freezing cold reservoir, but we're OK now. He apologized, we had a good talk and It won't happen again. The only pics I got were on my phone so I'm sorry for the crappy quality.

I got to visit Alta View's Emergency Room, what a lovely trip that was! I got acrylic in my eye, and it got really bad so I had to go have Dr. Creepy molest my eye with a cotton swab and then hose my face down with saline and I'll probably end up paying 70,000 dollars for the experience. But it was fairly quick and my eye is as good as new now!

It's my friend Melissa's birthday this month and she will be in Texas for the majority of it, so we celebrated a little before she left. We got pedicures, and went to the NEW NORDSTROM!!!! It was truly a religious experience... I was physically overwhelmed. I'm trying so hard to think of words to describe the emotion... NOTHIN, speechless! I think I would have quite literally DIED if and gone to Nord's Heaven if I had been in any place to purchase ANYTHING. But my wish list grew drastically, and the BISTRO there... SOOO YUMMY! Then we celebrated John (Melissa's brother) birthday with some Cheesecake Factory where we met BABE, ya that's her name! CUTE HUH? She was an extraordinary lady. She even sang Happy Birthday with us, and when I say sang, I mean SCREAMED completely off key! Then we hit The HOGLE ZOO, I love love love the zoo... But this week was a bad time to go. Not many animals out, not even the Elephants! And we missed the train, but the carousel was a good time.

I got to go to DISNEY ON ICE!!!! YAY! I know, I know, I am like a 10 year old trapped in a 25 year old body! BUT I don't want to grow up... EVER!

Also, as many of you know, I am getting ready to start rejoining the single world and learning how to date as an adult! (YEP, its real intense!) So the other night while watching the very sophisticated and intellectually inspirational VH1 I came across a new show called TOUGH LOVE, it's hilarious! I am literally every person on the show in some way or another, and so are a lot of you... So don't judge! But seriously, these women can't figure out why they are still single and none of them think THEY are the problem, it's fascinating! My favorite might be the girl who fishes for compliments and then cant graciously accept one! I'm so serious right now, its disgustingly awesome!

I also went to the SCRAPBOOK EXPO last weekend!!! And made lots more pages without pictures... WOW am I grateful for that! It was a blast, thanks CAM I loved hanging out. (pics to come)

And TODAY is my friend HEATHERS birthday so we celebrated with a girls night out! Erin and I were not drinking, we just look a little tipsy!

Well, that's about it! The only other excitement in my life is that March Madness is in full swing and I am counting down to a PHONE UPGRADE!!!


  1. You have been a busy women. It looks like you have had a fun week though, that's great news. Hope there's lots more to come.

  2. You are REALLY funny! Did you try to come find me to say when you were at AVH? Cuz nobody passed on the message...

  3. I LOVE all of the "new happenings" in your life!! Thanks for letting me share in some of your fun this past week..... and thanks for clearing up any misunderstandings on the glazed over looks we had!! Love ya!

  4. Canole, you crack me up! Your blog looks great. I meant to comment about your "face looking fatter in self-portraits"! Here's the deal, camera lenses do their best but they do disorient things....and a camera lense will always make whatever is closest to it look bigger than it actually is. So, if the closest thing is your face, then it might look a bit bigger. A good way to avoid this is to take your self portrait holding the camera above you and looking up at it. That way your bangs or forehead might be bigger but thats hard to notice. If you hold it strait out or below you then you're gonna have a nose, chin, etc that appears bigger than reality! Cheers!

  5. you have to change the name of my blog on your scrolly thing of blogs to the new name...hahaha...brilliant :)