Monday, May 4, 2009

LONG Time NO Blog...

Not that any of you are losing sleep over my absence...
But check it out... HERE I AM!

So here's my synopsis for April and a little May:

My friend Camie got some "FREEEEEE" tickets to the Britney/Pussycat Dolls concert, one day I wanna be HOT like a Pussycat Doll!

My friend Melissa had empty seats in front of her and Britt, so we sat for the last half with them! Thanks friends!!!

Aden invited me to come watch him play soccer and after the game we went to Fat Cats for pizza and bowling. And YES, your reading the score right... My 4 year old boyfriend killed me, and he was so humble about it! I love you A!!!

I got to go to PCMC to visit another love in my life! Jack had surgery on his cute little feet, and after his surgery he was his typical cheery self, can you blame me for loving him sooo much?!

My awesome girl friends went on a little weekend getaway to St.George and we had soooo much fun, despite the fact that I still had my downer moments. I couldn't ask for better friends. The best part is they let me go to not only 1 but 2 Sephora's... That's love!



  1. Aw, I just wanted to say that I love you to the moon and back!

  2. Congrats (a little late) to Dustin! What a great accomplishment :)