Monday, June 1, 2009

My Reminder...

We all need one on occasion.

Some people say, Life SUCKS and then you DIE. Those people are FALSE!

Life sucks, and then your dog dies, your kitchen starts on fire, your basement floods, your car is stolen or broken into, a close friend moves away, you lose your job, you break your arm, you get traffic tickets, crash cars, you fight with your parents, your children get sick, your car breaks down, your identity is stolen, you get cancer, your spouse leaves you, you get divorced, you lose your home, you lose a parent, you lose a child, you have a stroke, your stocks and investments take a nose dive, you get laid off, the government takes your retirement, you grow old alone or with a spouse that doesn't remember you, AND THEN YOU DIE...

We are all untouchable until fate and karma crash the party. I've learned that first hand. We can watch our backs, and secure our fences, but good or bad, life happens! We could focus on the negative and that makes life seem really sad. Or you could stop to recognize the simple blessings that life brings. I am so blessed to be reminded of this when it seems I am feeling at my lowest. Thank goodness for tender mercies. Like the birth of a new born baby girl, watching my brother make his dreams come true despite the 'hazards', taking an hour out of a crazy schedule to enjoy the beauty around me, learning lessons of strength from tiny children. I could spend the rest of my life focusing on all the storms in my life, because they're will always be rain on the horizon. Or I can try and find the sweet silver lining.

It's rough, it sucks, it makes me cry, it hurts, it gives me anxiety, it's complicated, it's lonely, it's amazing, it makes you laugh, it gives you chills, it makes you smile, it's an answer to a prayer, and though just coping might be harder than you can begin to imagine... IT'S YOUR CHOICE.

I choose life, because I am occasionally reminded that its so worth it, no matter how much I fall.

Sorry, for my melodramatic post... I needed a journal moment.


  1. I miss your posts!!! You are amazing Nicole... life does suck sometimes, FOR SURE, but choosing to remember the good times over the bad make it all the more worthwhile! Love ya!

  2. Thanks...I needed that today...Love you!

  3. I can't even begin to tell you how very proud of you that I am. And that post was amazing. I still believe that you should be a writer. love ya

  4. Hello Nicole,

    I came upon your blog through the Alta 2001 blog. I read your last post and all I have to say is AMEN!!! Hope all is well.
    Melissa (Umbreit) Meru

  5. you rock, sista! I agree with your mom. write some kind of "life is hard, but worth it" book. i'll buy it and i bet i wouldn't be the only one. you have a way of capturing what gets us all down at times and helping us realize that all's well that ends well. love you cole!