Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Did you miss my face!?

How does life go by so damn fast... Well, I will try harder to keep up ;)
SO... here's what's been happening:
-Work, at Thanksgiving Point and Amara (staying VERY busy)
-Finishing the basement (photos coming)
-DAMN DIET, yes I am doing it again, hence (re)finding ways to occupy my time so I don't eat my arm.
-Checking off the "Bucket List"
That's it for today... Lots of love!


  1. About time we hear from you again! Keep us updated a little more please.

    Are you going to the Scrapbook Expo the end of this month? If so see ya there.

  2. WOW!! It is so nice to see you posting again.

  3. You ARE alive!!!! I'm so GLAD!!! I've missed the updates!! I did however, get a dose of you on Good Day Utah!!!